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Help Me: Stop The Killing!

   Thirty years ago, I lost my paternal grandfather to lung cancer. I never knew him. Twenty-five years ago, I lost my paternal grandmother to emphysema. I loved her very much. Twenty years ago, I lost my father to leukemia. He was my hero. Ten years ago, I lost my maternal grandmother to heart disease. She was everyone's hero. Five years ago, my maternal grandfather was diagnosed with COPD. He is the strongest person I know. A year ago, my baby brother had his first child, and we found that the baby has a genetic dysfunction called DeGeorge Syndrome. He is truly a gift to us all. What does all this have to do with you? Everything.
    When I lost my grandfather to cancer, the national statistics were that one in five Americans would be diagnosed with the deadly disease. The cure was being tested by the FDA. It was widely known in Native American communities, but because the testing wasn't complete on it, it wasn't commercially available. By time it was my father's turn for the disease, the stats said that one in four Americans would be diagnosed. The cure had been approved for use by the FDA, but was not available commercially because it wouldn't make enough money. My father died because the price on his life was not high enough, and I was too young and ignorant to know how to help.
    Since then, I have attended more funerals than I would care to admit. The persons of honor were aged from neonatal to geriatric. Some loved ones have passed, thankfully, due to nothing more than old age, but the majority of loved ones die from illness that could have been prevented.
    According to a study done in Seattle, one vehicle driven an average of one and a half hours per day emits over seven million tons of carbon monoxide into the atmosphere. We're talking about the air we breath here! Seven million tons... and that's just the carbon monoxide. Never mind the sulfur and other gasses we are forced to breathe in for the convenience of modern society.
    A major current political uproar is the was on Iraq. We have lost too many lives in a war that most of us do not understand and that some of us disagree with passionately. We send men and women to another country on the pretense of defending their nation. These brave souls have put their lives up to protect ours.
    Being a born and raised military brat, I am in no way inclined to minimize the importance of the lives we lose to war. However, there is another enemy that has breached our defenses. Their method is one that is so subtle that we, as a society, have openly invited them into our homes. Their tactics ensure death more completely than any terrorists suicide bombing. The scariest thing about this enemy is that they are in position of power... right here on the very ground those men and women die to protect!
    Cigarette smoking has been blamed for a myriad of medical problems plaguing the US. It has been blamed for cancer, respiratory disease, heart disease, and fetal distress just to name a few. It has been blamed for economical strain due to the medical bills, injuries and property damage/loss that has taught costly lessons. Second hand smoke has been blamed for a rise in cancer. The scare is so intense that it is forcing public establishments to shuffle the evil smoking fiends outside to corners of the world where the rest of us can pretend away their existence.
    While I am, in no uncertain terms, advocating smoking, nor am I advocating its abolishment, I am here to make others aware of a larger threat to our health and economy. This threat is on the rise, pacing cancer. The instance of new smokers is falling, and yet, now, our statistical chance of being diagnosed with cancer is one in every two Americans! That is fifty percent of Americans that will be diagnosed with cancer today compared to twenty percent thirty years ago. To me, that's a scary thought considering thirty years ago, we were less aware of the health risks linked to smoking. How is it that the number one scapegoat for cancer in America is losing its allure due to all the information output about it, and yet the very diseases that it is supposed to shoulder the blame for are consistently on the rise?
    All these things led me to question just that. I wanted to know what was going on. I wanted to know how to stop the rise in cancer, and how to protect myself and my family from feeling the effects of these heart-breaking diseases. With a lot of research, I found some astonishing truths that has led to a total lifestyle transformation for me and those I love.
    What would you say if I told you that there is a threat to your life and the lives of your loved ones that resides in your home? What would you do if you knew that the exposure to such elements was brought in by you? Further still, what would you be willing to do if you found out that the supplier for these deadly chemicals is self governed, operating on an "honor system" of sorts with the USDA?
    It's true. Chemical manufacturers are allowed to use caustic (known to cause illness or disease) and even carcinogenic (known to cause cancer) chemicals in household cleaners, toothpaste, mouthwash, flooring materials, building materials, paint and even personal care products. Indeed some caustic chemicals such as sorbitol can be found in many of the prepared foods we buy on the grocery store shelf! That's right, America. We are killing ourselves for convenience... literally. These chemical companies don't care about you or your health. All they care about is their bottom line... a bottom line, I must add, that we, as a society, are filling out quite nicely for them. They prey on our obsessions with cleanliness and the rising concern with bacteria and surface borne illness. But are we really that short sighted that we would willingly trade the week long inconvenience of the common cold for a life struggle against cancer? They think we are. They think we're trusting enough to believe that they could not sell something that is harmful to us, but they can... and worse yet, they do! They think we are so compelled by blind faith in the government that we would just say, "That can't be true. The government would never allow it." Not only does the government allow it, but WE PAY FOR IT! Yes, we pay these companies to kill us! Personally, I'd think that would be sufficient evidence to make each of us guilty of murder for hire. Similarly, it would give enough evidence to warrant investigation for cold blooded murder on the parts of these companies. They KNOW the chemicals cause illness that can and often does lead to death, and yet they use them anyways. Then, with an extra boost of bravado, they have the guts to actually market these death potions as something that will make a healthier environment. Just as they expect, we, being driven by both our compulsion to keep what society has deemed "the perfect household environment" and our misguided trust in the companies to ensure our health, pay for their service by purchasing their products. All this is done while they are slowly but surely killing us one by one.
    Don't get me wrong, I am not against a clean house. Indeed, I keep a clean house and am very proud of that fact. My point is that the only reason these companies are allowed to get away with using harmful chemicals is because we allow it. We dictate to the companies what will and won't make them money. If we buy what they offer, then more power to them because they don't have to spend any of our hard earned money on revising safer, environmentally responsible products. After all, why would they when we will pay a king's ransom for the ones that cause disease? However, if we collectively refuse to use harmful chemicals in our homes, then we will force these chemical companies to either adapt or perish. Believe me, these companies are highly adaptable, and they will conform to the public outcry when it involves their bottom line. They don't want to lose your business. You are the reason they are so wealthy. So, in the end, you are the one that needs to be satisfied, and only you can change unacceptable practices which continually assault the American public.
    Here's the trick, though. These companies are not required to list their ingredients on anything that is not meant for human consumption! Despite the fact that chemicals and their residues can get into your system by way of inhalation and skin absorption as well as through mucous membranes, if it's not meant to be eaten, they don't have to tell you what's in it.
    Now... here's MY trick. The companies don't have to tell you what you're using or what residues you may be exposed to, but the government is very proficient, although fairly quiet, about chemical regulation. They keep tabs on all the chemicals used in all the products by all the companies of the US. Thanks to the US government and their right to information laws, we are able to look up the chemicals these companies use and get reliable information on their effects on our health.
    So, where do we go from here? I'm glad you asked. First off, look up my facts. Challenge me. Click on th following PDF link and check out the chemicals in cigarettes and what other common uses there are for them: PDF - What's in a cigarette? You may be surprised how much non-smokers and smokers have in common.
    Still not convinced? Check out by clicking the following link: Chemicals In Household Products. This will have your mind reeling for sure. Then look up the products listed there. Visit by clicking here: Chemical Profiles.  
    When you’re ready for a real change, click on This will give you more information from the Environmental Protection Agency about how to create a healthier home without costing you your annual salary.
    There are environmentally responsible companies out there. Companies like Amway and Melaleuca require a membership. Some of the terms for that membership may not be favorable to you. Okay. Then check your local supermarket for an organic section or health food isle. Some stores like Kroger and Wal-Mart have sections set aside for those of us who are more health conscious. If not, then a local health food stores will have products that are comparable in both performance and price. The only thing these products lack is carcinogens and other caustic ingredients. Surf the web or contact the EPA for recommendations in your area. If all else fails, contact ME and I will help you find you the products that meet both your needs and your budget.
    It is time for us to reclaim control over our bodies. It's time to tell the chemical companies that we will not populate their prisons of chemically induced biowarfare. We will not sacrifice our children at the alter of their green God. We will not support a company that has so little regard for us that they revel in our ignorance, dancing giddily on our graves while spewing lies of promised health. We can not let that happen. We're too smart for that.





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Momuv2 in need of debt relief

Talk to momuv2

Momuv2 in need of debt relief

    I am a mother of two young children (ages 2 and 5) and a recent divorcee.  After my marriage of seven years fell apart, my children and I were forced to leave the home and fend for ourselves.  Prior to marriage I had  done work with group homes for people with special needs.  Despite my passion for the work, it was a real wake up call to find that it does not support children well.  I was a stay at home mom for the duration of the marriage, and suddenly, I had to put my kids in the hands of strangers while I tried to pay rent and utilities on a cramped, mold infested rental house.  State said that $7.65 an hour was enough to live on.  The bills said otherwise.  I had to use credit cards just to feed us and keep us warm in the winter.  With no help from my ex-spouse, I ended up moving in with my parents to gain support.  The biggest problem was that they live here in Michigan, and we were in Oklahoma.  My parents came down and, after giving much of our things away, moved my children, the belongings we could carry and myself to Michigan.  Although I am seeking a job and going to school for my BBA and Associates in veterinary medicine, I have still had to rely on credit cards to help support us.  State is helping with food, but we have no home of our own and the credit card bills are piling up and threatening to overwhelm us.  To further complicate our financial situation, child support is not being paid, but because he stays less than three months in the rears, state says there is nothing they can do about it.  The home that we left to my ex in Oklahoma is now going in foreclosure despite a court order for him to live in the home and pay the mortgage until it is sold. 

    Look, I'm not one who is just out for a free ride.  My credit has always been very good, and I have always paid whatever debt I encur.  The problem I'm having now is that I can't seem to get a job and the bills are mounting to the point of opression.  Currently I am about $75,000 in debt with an income of nill and we are in danger of my credit repressing us even more.  With bad credit, I can forget about obtaining a viable place of residence for my children, and I worry about the message I'm sending to them.  I'm all they have right now, and they look to me to see how they should live.  This is not how they should expect to live.  I want them to be strong, independent women of the future.  I intend to become a veterinarian, own my own practice and be totally self sufficient.  I just need help to get there. 

    I'm not asking any one person to donate the entire amount, but any small sum you can afford would go directly to paying off the debt so that we CAN be self sufficient.  Can you please help us?


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